Save Water!!!! Need of the hou

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The need of the hour is to save, reuse and reduce wastage of water. As we all know like water can give lives, water can also take lives. Every summer we hear that so many cities have been hit by drought, so what can be done to save water? We can save water, we can do rain water harvesting, instead of letting the water go down the drain we can set up a system to collect the rain water in our societies, areas, etc.

The rain water can be flown to a tank of a collection area where it can be stored in tanks or let it get percolated in the ground. Letting the ground water lever to rise so that in the season when there is a lower water supply we can use the ground water for our use. We at PS Developers have pledged to save water, every project of ours has rain water harvesting systems which not only collects the rain water but also collects the over flowing water in the garden area so that we don’t waste but we save water where ever it is possible.We are also working on ideas to save the water not only for our project but also for the area surrounding our project.