Waste Management - City Needs

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With the increase in population and the city limits, there is a critical rise in the waste generated in the city as well.We all know that the city is growing and with this we are also facing problems with regards to the dumping of the waste generated. The municipal corporation is trying all the various measures to reduce the dumping of waste. To help the municipal corporation in this crisis we have taken up a plan of segregation.

The waste will be classifies in to reusable, non reusable waste. The waste which includes vegetable waste and decomposable waste will be used in vermiculture. The waste like plastics and non degradable waste will be sent to the Corporation Dumping grounds and the wastes like tin cans, bottles etc. which can be used to make artifacts and craft will be used by the society. This will not only reduce the waste to be dumped but also promote craft with the kids.With this effort we can reduce the waste to 1/3 in quantity, as 1/3 of the waste generated in the city is generated in the kitchen, which includes fruit or vegetables peels, extra food, etc. This waste can be used to for vermiculture or in organic waste management which will help in producing natural fertilizers. The other 1/3 of the waste is materials like tin-can, bottles, etc. which can be used in craft, creating artifacts or storing articles.