Reuse Of Water!! Because we have less of resources

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We cannot avoid the use of water but we can surely reuse the water. The water used to wash utensils; bathe or even washcloths can be used for flushing or in the garden area, but using this water directly would not be possible due to the waste in it. This water can be made usable with the help of some treatments.There is a process; this process helps us clean the black and grey water for reuse. The process begins with screening which is removing or solid wastes mixed with water e.g. Stones, leaves, wood, etc. after screening, pumping is done as the process is done with the help of gravity. Then the water goes through the process of aerating, where the sewage is exposed to air, which removes the dissolved gasses and odor from the water.

Then the sludge is pumped to the digesters. And the water is further processed to remove the scum from it, scum includes the light material like oil, soap, grease, etc. the moving rake skims the scum which is then pumped to the digester. Once the scum is removed the water is now processed and flown to the chlorine tank where it is mixed with chlorine to kill the bacteria to reduce the health risk. Now the water is good to be reused. At PS Developers, we have pledged to set up this process at every construction project of ours to save our mother earth from water crisis. PS Developers thus has put its foot forward in making our earth clean and all its projects enenvironment-friendly