The Neighborhood Know-How

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It’s a very Old Russian saying that, Don’t just buy the house, buy the neighborhood. True. We all wish to reside in a neighborhood that with which we can live in Harmony and comfort. When you want to buy a laptop or a television and you don’t do your research properly, you can always return/exchange after you realize it’s not what you wanted. You can’t do the same when you book a house. By the time one realizes it is not suitable for their family, it is way too late. There are numerous such specs that are to be considered when searching for the neighborhood of your dreams: architectural style, safety, amenities and your commute, just to name a few. One needs to consider a series of odds before renting or buying a place of their own. One of the many things which are the most important while looking out for your home is having a good and convenient neighborhood.

The type of neighborhood that one wants to live in is decided by their family scenario, their profession and their pocket limit. There are a few very important points though, that one should keep in mind about one’s neighborhood/society, especially if one is planning to have or already has an offspring. We know that where to begin the checklist, can be daunting. So, we decided to step in and assist you with the same and list down the most essential points, you simply can't overlook. Read on to find out what those are so you can start your search for the perfect neighborhood.


When one has the responsibility of not only themselves but their family as well, their prime importance is the security of their family. It is the first thing one looks for while choosing a place to live. Security includes the guards at the entrance of your society as well as security system, surveillance cameras in the individual buildings


A fight we can’t get over. It makes a huge difference in the sight of the daily functioning when people are provided with a parking for their means of transport. This reduces the tension of finding a spot for their vehicle (and the daily squabble).


Most people might not even think about sidewalks when they're looking for the right neighborhood. But they should, because sidewalks actually say a lot about a community. If you're looking for an active place to live, sidewalks can be a good indicator that there are places like parks and other amenities nearby and within walking distance. Sidewalks also make neighborhoods safer.


The top most priority for families is the kind of amenities provided to them. Whether you're a family with young children, a retired couple or a single bachelor, local amenities are important to where you live. Make sure your new neighborhood has everything you're looking for to suit your lifestyle. Families with children might be interested in swim/tennis communities with parks. A young single person with a dog might want a dog park or bike trails within walking distance.

Good schools

The provision of having well-known schools in and around the society one lives in makes a big difference. While the subject of schools might be more important to a family with children or a couple hoping to start a family, good schools should be a priority on anyone's list.


You can find a neighborhood with great reviews, but, if it's not the culture you're hoping for, you'll probably end up hating it. If you are looking for a hip urban redevelopment, you won't be happy in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. This means you may have to compromise on some of your criteria. If you live in a city and want to move to an area with an active nightlife, you might need to compromise a bit on some other things. If you crave a place away from it all, surrounded by nature, you might have to give up convenience. The bottom line is you won't be happy in a neighborhood that doesn't fit into your lifestyle. Make sure you find the right neighborhood culture first, and then the other pieces will fall into place.


Is there a shopping center nearby where you can accomplish several errands at once -- pick up your groceries, fill a prescription, find a last-minute hostess gift? Easy access to stores you frequent on a regular basis is key to keeping your stress level to a minimum, as well as avoiding spending too much on fuel.

Annoying sounds and smells

One reason it's extremely important to visit a neighborhood at several different times of the day before making a decision is to listen to and, believe it or not, smell. An area might be perfect on paper, but when you go for a visit you might realize things to be a tad bit different. Annoying noises will never go away, you may get used to but, it's a gamble. Visiting at least three different times of the day will give you a better idea of what you're getting yourself into. And while you're listening, don't forget to take a good whiff of the outside air as well. Sewage problems, a stagnant lake or even the corner BBQ joint can create a bothersome odour that likely won't go away either. It’s better t check prior to you having to stay with them forever.

Interiors and view

The most important point that attracts one to make their home in a particular society is the view they provide and the interiors of the flat. A spacious and comfortable flat or home is what one looks for!

Safety measures and disaster control

One’s building or society should have all the measures for any mishap like an earthquake or a fire caused by short circuit. These points make a person feel safer in the place they reside in!These all factors are kept in mind by us here at PS Developers and we thus provide our customers with the best possible deals keeping in mind their lifestyle and also alter ourselves to customize their living and comfort.