Passive Income: Make it Real (Estate)

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In the 21st century, at this point, we’ve been raised a certain way. The prospect of success and it’s benefits, the rush of instant gratification through retail therapy and this idea of our version of the American dream, a house, a car, a beautiful wife, two kids and a dog. Well, it’s not that much different from the American dream when you think about it. But you catch my drift. And one of the ways of getting there, climbing the ladder to that success, in my humble opinion, is Passive Income.Whether passive income exists is an age old debate, but we all have our own individual definitions of the term. According to us the top 4 walks of Passive income are:

  • Fixed Deposit: One of the safest and most common way to save your hard earned money.
  • Inheritance: Being an heir is what everyone who isn’t would dream of. But sometimes we wish life gets a little movie like and an atrociously rich relative makes us their beneficiary.  So, that becomes your passive income roll.
  • Royalties/Franchise fees: Don’t you wish you ran out of your bath tub someday shouting, “ Eureka Eureka” …and then sit back and reap the benefits of the above.
  • Real Estate: One of our favourite mode to capitalized on.


Owning a property should always be considered as an asset. Location of your property is the basic parameter as owning one in a prime location can be given out on lease, advertising purposes or rentals. Not only are you exempt from paying rent, you have complete control over the area, which may or may not include its renovations or modifications. In one of the better case scenarios, you also have the option of renting out a partial space to another venture. An unused property can also help you seek loans.Real Estate is one of those rare few businesses in which the selling price will most likely be higher or equal to the price at which you bought a space, barring any special or unforeseen circumstances.



Real estate makes for excellent collateral. You’d be a sure shot shoo-in for a prospective loan, say for another house, or perhaps more likely an education loan if you have a property of good market value to keep as collateral at the respective financial institution.
Compared to other options for Passive income, real estate is one for the ages. It’s a safer bet than most, and you can always turn the space into a fancy restaurant, if all else fails.