Key trends in the sector

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With growing economy and changing buyer expectations, real estate developers are constantly being innovative with their business plans. Buyers in different cities have reacted to the changes differently and the developers have had to adapt accordingly. Pricing trends According to the National Housing Bank (NHB), in the quarter ending June 2014, property prices of residential units in Pune and Coimbatore registered growth of 3.9% and 3.5%, respectively, over the previous quarter, representing the highest increase among all the 26 cities covered under the NHB Residex. At 0.5%, Bhubaneshwar registered the lowest growth in property prices.   A comparative of the three main markets is as under:   Among all the cities covered under the NHB Residex, five cities (other than Delhi) displayed a declining trend in property prices over the previous quarter with Chandigarh recording the steepest fall at -4.37%. A comparative of  the 5 cities which showed negative growth...